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How to Collect and Register Blood Sample for Theriome's Aristotle Test

How to Collect and Register Blood Sample for Theriome's Aristotle Test


  1. Register your test at  You will need to enter in your personal code (provided in the test kit).  Also, enter your physician's email during the survey if you’re working with a physician. 

  2. Do this test first thing in the morning, prior to eating and at least 8 hours from the previous meal.

  3. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.  Then dry your hands

  4. Remove the blood collection card from the sleeve.  Tear off the "SAVE" part of the card and keep it for your test results.

  5. Stimulate blood flow by waving your hand downward for ~20 seconds

  6. Wipe the middle finger with the alcohol wipe and let it air dry

  7. Prick the tip of the middle finger with a lancet*
    • Remove the transparent safety cap of the lancet
    • Place the smaller end of the lancet against the side of the middle finger tip.  Then, press the lancet firmly into the finger until you hear a click

  8. Drip one large drop in each circle.  Squeeze the finger lightly and allow for a large hanging blood drop to form.  Be patient!  Place the hanging droplet above the circle on the specimen area.  Let the drop come in contact with the paper.  Repeat the procedure until the circles are completely full.  Do not touch the specimen area of the card.

  9. Attach the band-aid

  10. Write the date and name on the sample card.

  11. Place the card into the card’s sleeve and let it dry for 3 hours.  Then place the sleeve with the card into the aluminum foil bag and close it tightly.  Do NOT remove drying agent inside the aluminum foil bag.

  12. Place the aluminum foil bag into the envelope and place it in the mail to our laboratory.***

You will receive an email once your sample is received at our laboratory.  Results take two weeks or less once it’s received.  The report will be delivered to you via email.

*Do not share sterile lancets with other people.  Always use a new sterile lancet.  Lancets are for single use only.

**It is important to safely discard the used lancet after each use in order to avoid accidental injury.  Be sure to follow the requirements of local legislation for proper disposal.


  • Should I discontinue supplements or prescriptions prior to taking the blood sample?
    • No, in order to get a picture of your health and your current regime, continue taking supplements and prescriptions you normally do

  • Should I fast prior to the test?

    • An 8 hour fast is recommended, which is why we recommend taking the blood sample first thing in the morning prior to eating.

  • Where do I ship this to?
    • There should be an envelope that came in the box with your package.  If shipping internationally, ship to: 

      Theriome Inc. 
      850 North 5th Street
      Suite #504
      Phoenix, AZ, 85004, United States

  • How do I register my test?
    • Please go to to register your test. This allows us to identify the owner of the blood sample.  Please fill out the survey completely.

  • I'm having trouble getting enough blood, what do I do?
    • Ensure your hand and fingers are warm prior to performing the puncture. Drink water 30 minutes prior to collection and stand with your hand below your waist before and during collection. If the puncture site is not properly prepared, then a cascade of issues might arise, including spots being too small and/or hemolysis of blood cells caused by “milking” the finger. The second most important collection tip is to allow a LARGE blood droplet to form at the puncture site prior to applying the drop to the DBS card- the droplet will be large enough once it comes close to dripping off the finger. This will ensure a large enough spot is collected (>7 mm diameter; a pencil eraser). Do not apply more than one droplet per spot; if it seems too small, wait for a larger droplet to form then spot the next outlined circle.  Two spots are required per analysis.

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