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Theriome's blood test provides a deep understanding of your health and recommendations tailored to your needs.  Our test covers 68% of known human metabolism.  For this reason, we recommend the "Full Report + Consult", which will include a 30 minute consult with a PhD.

What can we do?


12 Key Health Scores

High level scores of your vital systems

Our 12 key health scores outline your overall health, giving you a picture of how you compare to the average person at your age.  This will provide a score for your overall health and essential systems, such as the brain, liver, skin, biological age, mitochondria, inflammation, cardiovascular, nutritional, gut, mutations, and environmental toxin exposures.


Personalized Recommendations

Based on what works best for you

Our personalized recommendations will give you tailored protocols on how you can improve your health.  We do not sell any products or supplements.  However, we provide recommendations to scientifically backed lifestyle adjustments, dietary supplements, medications, and/or interventions.  With this test, you can KNOW what is going to work best for your body. 


Early Detection

See any issues

By analyzing 126 metabolites across 68% of the metabolic pathways, we are able to identify issues very early on.  In fact, we can find certain issues a decade before conventional testing in some circumstances.  We are not yet FDA approved as a diagnostic tool, so we will not say that you have X disease.  However, we can identify metabolic signatures correlated with diseases to point you in the right direction.  


Comprehensive Report

See all levels of your health

When you purchase our full report, you get access to most of what is happening in your body.  While we are developing tests for the immune system and microbiome, our stand alone aristotle is a staple in many practitioners office for patients with difficult to diagnose symptoms or the athlete who is looking to gain an edge.


Consultation with PhD

Review your results with a trained scientist

All our levels of testing have the option of purchasing a consultation to give you a deeper understanding of your health report and what you can do about it.  Our consultants will always be a highly trained PhD or MD to provide you with the highest quality roadmap to improving your health.


Digital Twin

Test your digital replica to find what works

Our personzlied protocols utilize a feature called "digital twins".  Essentially, we take your data and run simulations to see what dietary supplements, lifestyle changes, and interventions are going to have the most optimal impact on your health.  This feature shortcuts years of trial and error to get results quickly.

Unlike Any Test

A multi-omic approach that intricately analyzes the interplay of your many biological systems.  To understand you more deeply, we use state-of-the-art AI to illuminate patterns and correlations often invisible to conventional diagnostics. Then, we optimize your well-being through precise, actionable, and tailored recommendations.

Hear From Our Customers

Amanda Simon

"This test was SO helpful to understand what I could do to help myself. Other test I have done in the past gave me results but I couldn’t break down the results on my own to understand how to adjust my health routine."


Anita Farrely, RN

"Theriome has a phenomenal test... it was able to find things I already knew about in my own body but didn't tell them. Then it showed me areas to improve. I use it for all my patients now!"

Matt Perez, Entreprenuer

"I used this test for my mom.  We knew some of her issues but didn't inform Theriome.  I was really impressed when Theriome was able to detect all the issues my mom has already been diagnosed with.  Then they provided good recommendations to help her.


Christi Flynn

"TEST!  Don't guess.  I use this motto with my health coaching clients.  I LOVE Theriome!"


Dr. Fred Hui, MD

"I am impressed with the Metabolomic test theriome offers and the interpretation by Dr Jasbi."

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Receive results in 3 weeks

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Exceptional Customer Support

See Sample Report, Dr. Jasbi's Book, and Case Studies

Click the button below to get access to Dr. Jasbi's book on personalized medicine, case studies with the Theriome test, and sample reports.  In addition, we will send you a video tour of Dr. Jasbi's laboratory and how he processes samples.