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Discover the Future of Healthcare with Metabolomics: Theriome’s Revolutionary Testing

Discover the Future of Healthcare with Metabolomics: Theriome’s Revolutionary Testing

Discover the Future of Healthcare with Metabolomics: Theriome’s Revolutionary Testing

Understanding Theriome’s Metabolomics Panel

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, Theriome is leading the charge with its cutting-edge metabolomics testing. Unlike traditional tests that offer limited snapshots of your health, Theriome’s metabolomics panel dives deep into the biochemical makeup of your body, providing unparalleled insights into your metabolism and overall health.  We do this by analyzing 126 vital biomarkers in the blood (no lab draw required).

Why Metabolomics Matters

Metabolomics is the study of metabolites, the small molecules that are the end products of your body's metabolic processes. By analyzing these metabolites, Theriome can give you a comprehensive picture of your current health status, far beyond what other tests can offer. For example, while genetics tell you what might happen, metabolomics shows you what is happening right now.

Understanding the Molecular Human

Our bodies are composed of an intricate hierarchy of structures, starting from atoms and molecules, which form macromolecules, cells, tissues, and organs, ultimately creating the complete organism. 

Profiling the metabolism means examining the molecular level, specifically the metabolites that are the end products of all the metabolic processes happening within the body.

These small molecules notify us about important aspects of the body.  They are more responsive to change.  For example, if you eat an ice cream cone, you might see your blood sugar spike.  If this happens repeatedly, it may develop into high blood pressure and other issues.  But those issues wouldn't show up for a long time. 

Within the metabolism, we are able to see many molecules telling us a story about what will happen with this person and what they should do about it.  Even offering insights that can predict upstream changes before symptoms of disease appear.

The Various Layers of Systems Biology

Within the molecular human, there are several layers of systems biology that we can examine:

  1. Genomics: The study of genes and their functions. Genomics gives us the blueprint of potential health risks based on inherited traits.
  2. Transcriptomics: The study of RNA transcripts, which are the intermediates between genes and proteins. This layer shows which genes are actively being expressed.
  3. Proteomics: The study of proteins, which are the workhorses of the cell, performing the tasks coded by genes.
  4. Metabolomics: The study of metabolites, the small molecules involved in metabolism. This layer reflects the current state of biological processes in the body.
  5. Microbiomics: The study of the microbiome, the community of microorganisms living in and on our bodies, which significantly impacts our health.

Why Focus on the Metabolism?

Out of these layers, the metabolism stands out as the most responsive and actionable for several reasons:

  1. Immediate Impact of Lifestyle Factors: Metabolomics reflects the immediate effects of lifestyle choices, such as diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. This means we can see how interventions are working in real-time.

  2. Dynamic and Actionable Data: Metabolic data is highly dynamic, changing in response to various factors much faster than genetic data. This makes it incredibly useful for tracking the effectiveness of interventions and making timely adjustments.

  3. Comprehensive Health Insight: By analyzing metabolites, we get a comprehensive view of the body's current state. Unlike genetic testing, which shows potential risks based on inherited traits, metabolomics reveals actual health conditions and dysfunctions as they exist now.

  4. Predictive Power: Since metabolic changes precede symptoms, profiling the metabolism allows for early detection of potential health issues. This predictive power enables proactive healthcare, where interventions can be applied before problems become severe.

  5. Integration of Multiple Systems: Metabolomics integrates information from various biological systems, providing a holistic view of health. This integration helps in understanding how different systems interact and influence each other, leading to a more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans.

What Sets Theriome Apart?

Theriome’s metabolomics panel stands out for several reasons:

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: Theriome profiles 126 biomarkers, covering 68% of known human metabolism. This extensive coverage is achieved without requiring multiple lab draws, making the process seamless for patients.
  2. Personalized Protocols: Using AI and digital twinning technology, Theriome creates tailored health protocols based on your unique metabolic profile. This ensures that the recommendations are highly specific and actionable.
  3. Early Detection: By monitoring 68% of your metabolism, Theriome can identify potential health issues long before symptoms appear, giving you a head start in managing your health.
  4. Frictionless Sample Collection: No need for complicated lab draws—Theriome’s test uses a simple finger prick, making it easy and accessible for everyone.
  5. Objective Data: Theriome’s recommendations are unbiased, as they do not sell supplements or interventions. This ensures that the advice you receive is genuinely in your best interest.

Practical Benefits for Practitioners

For healthcare practitioners, Theriome’s metabolomics panel offers a range of practical benefits:

  • Enhanced Patient Care: Provide patients with deeper insights into their health, helping them make informed decisions about their lifestyle and treatments.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Save money by consolidating multiple tests into one comprehensive panel.
  • Increased Revenue: Offer advanced testing that can attract more patients to your practice, boosting your revenue.

We offer free training for physicians via a live zoom call.  Click here to schedule a time for your free training.

Key Features of Theriome’s Test

  1. Identification of Root Cause and Pathway Dysfunctions: Theriome’s test identifies dysfunctional pathways in the metabolism, allowing for precise interventions.
  2. AI-Powered Personalized Protocols: Through AI and digital twinning, Theriome simulates thousands of intervention scenarios to find the most effective treatment plan.
  3. Consolidation of Multiple Tests: Theriome’s test consolidates over nine traditional panels into one, providing a comprehensive metabolic profile in a single test.

Why Profile the Metabolism?

Metabolomics provides a dynamic view of your health by reflecting the immediate impact of lifestyle factors, diet, and other interventions. This makes it a powerful tool for predicting and managing health outcomes. Unlike genetic testing, which shows potential risks, metabolomics reveals your current health status and how it can be improved.

How to Get Started

The process to start using Theriome’s metabolomics panel is straightforward:

  1. Training: Begin with an introductory session to understand the basics of metabolomics.  Click here to schedule a time.
  2. Purchase: Buy the test kits, available at practitioner pricing with a money-back guarantee.
  3. Hands-On Training: Receive personalized training on interpreting the test results and applying them to your patients.
  4. Growth Support: Access ongoing support and education to continue growing your practice with Theriome.

Sample Report and More Information

If you're interested in seeing a sample report or learning more about Theriome’s offerings, click this link. You'll gain access to a detailed report, a free book, and other helpful materials.


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